Well Drilling Pump Services Alexandria Bay, NY

At Jeff Butcher Well Drilling, we utilize several methods of drilling depending on anticipated drilling conditions, including:

  • Down Hole Hammer
  • Mud Rotary

  • Air Rotary

  • Casing Advancement System

Repair Services
Along with professional construction of your new water well, we also perform repair services to existing water wells.

Another service we provide is our Well Cleaning Service. Many times, over years, wells can get a buildup of sediment or experience Iron Fouling. We perform many well cleanings by bailing out excess sediment and Iron as well as scrubbing the entire length of the well with a special well cleaning brush while also disinfecting the entire well column.

Water Drop Member – IGSHPA Water Drop IGSHPA Accredited Installer, Since 2000

Down-Hole Camera
If you have an issue with dirty water or bacteria in your water, we can utilize our Down-Hole Camera to view the well and check the integrity of the casing as well as the seal of the casing into bedrock and then explain our findings and discuss with you the options for repairing any issue found.

Many times shallow wells that used to produce adequate water begin to experience slower recovery rates and need to be deepened to obtain more water flow.

We are able to set up over existing wells and deepen them to make them a good productive well once again.

Geothermal Drilling
We are also experienced in geothermal drilling; drilling on many large commercial projects for schools, colleges, grocery stores, hospitals as well as smaller projects for offices and homes.

Geothermal is using the earth’s constant temperature as a source of energy for heating and cooling.

We have the tools, knowledge, experience and qualifications for drilling, looping, grouting and piping the earth’s energy into your home or building.

Pump Services
We offer complete and professional pump installation and service for both commercial and residential customers. We have a fully equipped Pump Hoist Truck which telescopes to 36 ft. in height and is capable of hoisting up to 12,000 lbs. This truck is also equipped with a hydraulic pump reel which allows us to pull a pump, set on poly pipe, without the pump, or piping ever touching the ground, thereby minimalizing the possibility of contaminates being introduced into your well while servicing your well or pump.

At JBWD we are proud to use only top quality materials when installing your new pumping system or making repairs to your existing system.