Hydro-Flushing in Alexandria Bay, New York

At Jeff Butcher Well Drilling LLC of Alexandria Bay, New York, we provide hydro-flushing services (also known as hydro-fracturing) to improve the yield of your low-yield water well. This provides more water for daily activities.

Hydro-Flushing (formerly known as Hydro-Fracturing)
Hydro-fracturing, can be a viable solution to low-yield water wells. This process involves injecting water under high pressure into the bedrock formation in the well. The intended purpose is to increase the size and extent of bedrock fractures, allowing more water into those fractures.

This is done by pumping up to 85 gallons of water per minute, at pressures as high as 3000 psi to clean out the fractures and interconnect them with nearby, water-bearing fractures.

This improves your water service by allowing water to flow more freely through these fractures and into the well at faster rates than before.